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  • Think about how convenient it would be to have all of your account transaction, statements, billing and deposit info available online, 24/7.

  • Think about how convenient it would be to create custom alerts and reports – giving you the information you need most to run your business.

  • Think about how convenient it would be to get a free, lifetime equipment warranty to replace and ship a new terminal to you overnight if it breaks down, eliminating lost sales and lost customers.

  • Think about how convenient and easy it would be to order free terminal supplies and get them delivered directly to your business for free.

Non-My Biz Perks My Biz Perks
Terminal Replacement Cost (MRP) $450-$800 $0.00
Terminal Paper Roll (MRP) $1.30/roll $0.00
Terminal Ribbon (MRP) $3.52/ribbon $0.00
Sales Slips (MRP) $3.95/100 $0.00
MRP = Manufacture’s Retail Price
Estimated Annual Supplies Costs
Replacement Terminal & Shipping* $705.00 $0.00
Paper Rolls (15 per quarter) $78.00 $0.00
Terminal Ribbon (1 per quarter) $14.08 $0.00
Sales Slips (100 per quarter) $15.08 $0.00
Supply Shipping (once per quarter) $121.96 $0.00
======= =======

EST. ANNUAL SAVINGS       $934.12
*See terms and conditions for details

  • Think about how convenient it would be to save money and time with national brands you use today to run your business. Brands such as UPS, OfficeMax, T-Mobile and more! And we are adding new partners all the time with even more savings to come your way.
Spend $5,000 - Save Up To $1,250
Save Up To $1,250
Spend $5,000 – Save Up To $250
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Save Up To $599

EST. ANNUAL SAVINGS       $2,406
For a small investment each month, My Biz Perks will save you time and money, making the running of your business easy.

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