My Biz Perks
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Take advantage of the industry's leading merchant perks program!

Get the best perks in the business. My Biz Perks is designed to save you time and money.

Reporting: Online and Sent Directly To You
  • Get detailed transaction information at your fingertips 24/7 via our secure online portal.
  • View recent account activity within 24 hours after batching your terminal.
  • Set up scheduled custom reports and alerts emailed directly to you - the fully customizable delivery selection allows you to determine when you want to receive them and how often. Plus, you can send these to multiple email recipients.
  • GO GREEN - view statements and detailed billing/deposit information for all card types and transactions.
  • My Biz Perks’ chargeback and retrieval information system allows you to review all notification as well as manage historical media retrievals.
  • Link and view all your merchant accounts together under one login.
Free Supplies & Hassle-Free Ordering

Running out of supplies for your terminal can cost you sales. My Biz Perks takes the hassle and the cost away with free supplies! Ordering is easy with our online system.

You’ll get:

  • Free shipping once per quarter
  • Paper rolls for terminals
  • Sales Slips
  • Ribbon cartridges 

Rest easy knowing you will never be without supplies.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Our point-of-sale and mobile terminals are built to last, but every so often, like all machinery, they can breakdown. Any downtime is bad for business. Worry no more - if your terminal malfunctions, we’ll ship a new one to you overnight, allowing you to continue running your business without missing a beat!