My Biz Perks FAQ
60-Day FREE Trial!

My Biz Perks provides an in-depth and state-of-the-art merchant portal. The portal provides you with secure, 24/7 access to statements*, chargeback and retrieval reports, view/search/print and export details for authorizations* and deposits, an alert system for refunds, batch activity, high tickets, etc, and an advanced supply order system. * Some restrictions may apply, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

In addition to the robust online reporting, My Biz Perks also offers business building benefits such as free credit card processing supplies with free shipping once per quarter, comprehensive warranties on terminals, overnight replacement of terminals, and discounts on products and services you and your employees use daily, such as office supplies and wireless, shipping, mortgage, and marketing services – plus much more to come!

The Gold Program, which is our most popular program, offers our merchants complete access to My Biz Perks including a full suite of reports, statements, custom email alerts, partner savings, free supplies, free terminal warranty program and the ability to link multiple accounts under one login.

The Silver Program, offers merchants a full suite of reports, custom email alerts, partner savings, and the ability to link multiple accounts under one login.

The Bronze Program offers merchants access to statements and access to up to 60-days of reports.

  • 60-day Risk-free Trial
  • Secure online 24/7 Internet access
  • View statements, transactions, deposits into your bank account and more*
  • 24 months of statement information*
  • Link and view multiple accounts under one login
  • Free supplies every quarter
  • Terminal replacement warranty program
  • Set-up custom e-mail alerts for refunds, high tickets, no batch activity, chargebacks, retrievals, deposits and daily batch reports and more
  • Online discounts with national retailers and service providers

*Some restrictions may apply; please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Starting with your July 2011 statement, we discontinued sending out paper statements and have them available online at My Biz Perks. This announcement was included on your May 2011 statement.

If you prefer to receive paper statements, you can Opt-in for this service. Once you have login to My Biz Perks, click the Statement Delivery Options button on the left side of the page. Click Opting-in for paper statements and hit submit. An additional fee of $1.00 per month will be added onto your Basic Monthly Fee. You will still have access to view your statements online through My Biz Perks and you can cancel this Opt-in paper statement service at anytime.

Your merchant ID may be found at the top of your monthly processing statement. Your merchant ID may also be found on your initial welcome letter or your terminal sticker (if applicable). You can also contact Customer Service to obtain this information.

To start taking advantage of all the benefits My Biz Perks has to offer, you must first activate your account. Go to the Login page, enter your Merchant Identification (MID). You will be taken to the activation page and asked to enter in additional information. After completing and submitting the required information, a temporary password will automatically be created and sent to you via e-mail. Temporary passwords are valid for 24 hours. Please check your SPAM folder and also add our email address to your address book. If your password expires, you will need to repeat the activation process.

To upgrade your account, click on the Upgrade My Account button on the left side of the page. Choose the program you are upgrading to and hit select. While upgrades should be effective immediately, if you experience any issues, log-out of My Biz Perks and log back in. If you still do not see the upgrade, contact our Customer Service Dept.

We require email addresses in order to send merchants their temporary password upon activation. Also, if you forget your login or password, My Biz Perks emails this information to you.

Click here if you forgot your user name or password.

All merchants will have free access to My Biz Perks through the Bronze Program to view their statements and have limited access to reports. If you want to cancel your My Biz Perks Gold or Silver Program, contact us at 877.898.1992 or You must cancel at least five days prior to the end of the month in order for cancellation to take effect the following month.

To ensure you are able to continue enjoying all the My Biz Perks benefits in the Gold or Silver Program, you will be charged a monthly fee for membership.

For example: Your first charge will be billed on the first monthly processing statement after your free trial ends. After that, your monthly membership fee will be automatically billed on each monthly processing statement, charged between the 1st and 3rd of every month.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your membership information from unauthorized access. When you place an order online, the SSL scrambles or encrypts your information before it is transmitted. This helps protect your information while it is being transmitted. When we receive your order, the information remains encrypted until we process your request.

Click here to read the Terms.

Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

If you are participating in one of these former programs, they have been combined and deeply enhanced into one robust merchant benefit program now known as My Biz Perks Gold Program. You will be charged a reduced monthly fee for membership. Visit the Home page of to activate your account and begin enjoying your new and improved benefits immediately.

Active Gold and Silver MBP merchants are entitled to free supplies each calendar quarter (January-December). Gold and Silver MBP merchants are also entitled to one free shipment on a supply order every calendar quarter Your individual free supply allowance for sales slips and ribbon cartridges is listed in the chart below. Your allowance for free rolls of paper is based on your average number of transactions each calendar quarter.

Additional orders may be placed at your own expense. All supply orders ship via UPS Ground. Please allow three to ten business days for delivery. The shipping method may be upgraded for an additional cost upon request. 

You must be an active member of The My Biz Perks Gold or Silver Program for one full day before you can place a supply order. Active membership is defined as a merchant who has activated their Gold or Silver MBP account and processed at least $100 in Visa/MasterCard/Discover volume.

We will provide replacement of compliant, stand-alone credit card terminals, fully programmed and ready to use, up to but not exceeding twice a year per merchant number. Software, Gateways, POS Systems, and their components, peripherals, and supplies are not covered by this program.

A My Biz Perks Gold or Silver Program merchant who requires a swap of a qualified terminal that was not originally acquired through us or is no longer available from us will receive a similar terminal type. Non-compliant terminals do not qualify for replacement program.

Merchants who opt out of My Biz Perks Gold and Silver Program and require a swap will be charged a standard swap fee and a receive a 90-day limited warranty coverage. My Biz Perks reserves the right not to replace any equipment damaged due to the misuse or negligence by Merchant.

You will need to contact the partner directly. Refer to the partner's saving page for a phone number, email and/or website.

To change your password, click on the My Profile Tab where you will see a link allowing you to change your password. Every 90-days, the system will prompt you to change your passoword. This is to safeguard our merchants and a PCI requirement.

You will need to have Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

When entering in your MID, enter in the thirteen-digit number starting with 8788. Do not include the zeros that appear before the 8788.

Currently, you cannot submit a request to update your address in My Biz Perks. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-898-1992 or email

Both current and past statements are available under the My Statement tab.

1. Press the blue "Function" key.
2. Type 10, then press Enter.
3. Enter password: 0000.
4. Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press "Enter."
5. Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press "Enter."

1. From sales screen, press the purple "More" key twice.
2. Select "Other Setup." If prompted, type in your password. (Default password is 0000)
3. Press the purple "More" key until "Date & Time" are located.
4. Select "Date & Time."
5. Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press "Enter."
6. Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press "Enter."
7. Press the red "Cancel" key three times.

1. From sales screen, press the green "Enter" key.
2. Select "Setup."
3. Type in your password. (Default password is 0000)
4. Press the purple "More" key until "Date & Time" are located.
5. Select "Date & Time."
6. Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press "Enter."
7. Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press "Enter."
8. Press the red "Cancel" key three times.

1. Press the Menu/Esc key.
2. Enter your password, if prompted. (Default password is 0000)
3. From the menu screen, press the number 5. (System Options)
4. Date and Time will appear as the first option. Press Enter.
5. Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press "Enter."
6. Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press "Enter."
7. Press Menu/Esc twice or until screen displays "Credit, Sale, Account."

1099-K forms are generated at the end of the tax year and will be sent out for delivery by the end of business, January 31st

Contact our Customer Service Department at 855-649-2633 or email us at

The 1099-K form is only generated for merchants that processed at least one transaction within the calendar year. You may also want to confirm that we have your correct mailing information